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"Matt got the Carrier unit up and running last Monday really fast I really do appreciate that.  At first, we were told that Richardson was not able to come out until Tuesday.  I had a bunch of people complaining about the office temperature, so I asked a competitor to come out and get our compressor running.  Well, the competitor did come out right away, but after 45 minutes working on it, he still hadn’t gotten it running. That’s when Matt showed up. I asked Matt, I thought that you couldn’t come out till tomorrow, He said he was able to break away.  I was happy to see him, and the competitor curiously was too. Like I said above, Matt had it running within five minutes. Thanks "

George / Manufacturing of Powder Core Solutions / VP of Operations

George / Manufacturing of Powder Core Solutions / VP of Operations

"We had an issue with one of our units icing up.  RTI came in and discovered that our previous contractor had installed the wrong contactor, which caused two of our compressors to go out.  RTI was able to correct our issue by installing the correct contactor and compressors. Since RTI has become our HVAC Contractor we have not had an issue with improper components being installed in our units."

Angelica / Manufactures Human Interface Devices / Administrative Assistant

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