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RTI's Energy Efficiency Program


RTI is an approved, authorized and trained contractor in the Southern California Edison® HVAC Optimization Program, which successfully concluded in 2018.  RTI procured over $8.3 Million in incentives for enrolled clients from 2012 through 2018.  

We have taken the SCE training,  knowledge and experience to offer your facility the RTI's Energy Efficiency Program.  Below is a synopsis of the RTI Energy Efficiency Program features:

Regularly Scheduled Preventive Maintenance: RTI customers receive an enhanced preventive maintenance schedule based on ASHRAE Standard 180.

Thermostats: Are an excellent way to reduce energy costs by replacing your mercury bulb, residential and non-programmable thermostats with digital, commercial, 7-Day programmable thermostats. We will program thermostats to your specifications to reduce tampering, control temperature set points and turn on and off automatically.   

Economizer Retrofits / Digital Economizer Controls:  RTI can retrofit or upgrade your existing AC units with economizers and state-of-the-art digital technology. Digital controls increase reliability, allow tighter control of economizer set points and maximize energy savings.  Our highly trained technicians have substantial experience with all AC unit manufacturers and will ensure your damper assemblies are moving freely and responding properly to their controller.  A relatively short ROI makes economizer retrofits and upgrades a great investment in indoor comfort, indoor air quality, and energy savings.

DCV with VFD (Demand Controlled Ventilation with Variable Frequency Drive): Individual, complementary components work together to ventilate your building spaces based on C02 levels. Normally, the AC supply fan speed is constant, whether there are 3 people or 30 people in a room.  DCV with VFD slows down the supply fan when fewer occupants are in the room and speeds up the supply fan when there are more occupants in the room.  Slower supply fan speeds = lower electricity use. 

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